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Join the Shanti Village Board help raise funds through the end of 2022 for the Shanti School Legacy. The Board will double your contributions with a match up to $8000 for a grand total of $16,000.

​Meet Sabita, the Founder of the Shanti School

"I built this school because when I was young, girls did not have chance to go to school. The girl must do all the work at the house. If a girl wanted to go to school, she had to hide and let no one know that she goes. When the school time was finished, she had to start her work. Time was very tight to do all. But I struggled and went and many, many problems easily I beared. This kind of situation gave me much knowledge for studying and strong courage to build this school. So I built this school mostly for the poor and the girls."






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Letter from the Board



​To contribute resources, expertise, and supplies to the Shanti School and partner with local Nepali organizations.


To optimize the learning environment for the well-being of students in Nepal and the world through international understanding and connectedness.


Create a Legacy Fund for the Shanti School

Plans for fundraising for the Shanti School's legacy fund.


Educational and Cultural Exchange

Implement an educational and cultural exchange between Shanti School and schools in the USA. 


Tuition support for the Shanti School

Quarterly financial support dedicated to overall student body tuition.


Shanti Village Special Projects

Provide school supplies, storage units, IT equipment and library books to the Shanti School. Shanti School is working with the LOOMA project, an audio-visual education computer to make for brighter futures for the students.



Empowerment, Equality, and Non-violence


April 2022: First ever Google Meet with Wisconsin School classroom and Shanti School classroom!

September 2021: Shanti Village Board met for their 16th annual Board Meeting (virtually over zoom)


February 2021: Shanti Village sent an additional financial contribution to the Shanti School to help defray extra expenses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

August 2021: The staff at the Shanti School were able to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

September 2021:

Shanti Village Board met for their 15th annual Board Meeting (virtually over Zoom)


Year 2019/20: 

Shanti School has been chosen to be part of the initial trials for the LOOMA Project, a fabulous teaching tool for Nepal Schools.

November 2018:

Our biggest group of volunteers from Hawaii volunteered at the Shanti School. We accomplished the following during our visit:

  • Updated and organized library.

  • Assessed status of past projects and checked supplies for future needs.

  • Organized all newly donated stock and supplies.

  • Updated IT equipment and provided another laptop computer.

  • Planned a special student outing to Lumbini (Birthplace of Buddha) in coordination with Principal Sabita Thapa.

  • Participated in classroom instruction as requested.

  • Had a multicultural learning experience.


Check out our Projects Page

Check out our Completed Projects


We won the GUIDESTAR GOLD Seal of Transparency!



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