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We are a group of ever expanding, well travelled friends that want to give back to all the wonderful, inspiring people we have met along the way. Check out Shanti Village's timeline to see our growth spurts. 

Meet Sabita

Meet the Board     Meet the Team

Our Philosophy


Go beyond our own worlds.

Transcend barriers created by color, religion, gender, economics, and culture.

Increase individual opportunities despite the imbalances in world economics, freedom and power.

Create a more peaceful connection around the world.

Slowly take our steps toward change.

We are all one.

SV Funded Projects at the Shanti School

  • Supported building fund to commence and expand school to it's present day structure.

  • Provided funding to update IT equipment and provide computers at school.

  • Assist with funding for student's tuition fees.

  • Built potable drinking water well for students.

  • Designed water drainage system for school.

  • Cemented area around water well for safety concerns.

  • Assisted funding for 'toilet building'.

  • Provided trash receptacles around school yard.

  • Provided storage units for books and supplies.

  • Provided drinking water receptacles for classrooms.

  • Assisted funding for government fees.

  • Painted and decorated classrooms.

  • Provided supplies and books for Shanti School.

  • Assisted funding for ceiling fans.

  • Provided funding for a library room.

  • Obtained over 600 books for new library room.

  • Provided wooden shutters for windows and doors on every classroom.

  • Provided "rocking toys" to entertain and calm the nursery class.

  • Provided teacher instruction during volunteer visit.


Timeline of Shanti Village:


Nepal is a Himalayan nation of 29 million people that has experienced

a rich history of turmoil with its leadership and with challenges by the communist party and Maoist rebels. In 1953, when Edmund Hillary

and the Sherpa Tensing Norgay became the first climber to summit Mount Everest; the country was an absolute monarchy under King Tribhuwan. Fast forward to 1991, the Nepal Congress party won

Nepal’s first democratic election. The country then went through nine prime ministers in 10 years and a communist briefly held power.

A Maoist revolt, which began in 1995, lasted a decade and killed thousands. In the midst of this political unrest, dreams formulated

by a group of healthcare professionals began to take shape.

The rest, as we say, is history.

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