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Dear Friends,


We are writing to update you on Shanti Village.


Our first thoughts are of deep gratitude to each of you for your dedicated patronage and support of Shanti Village, and more importantly, for the Shanti School students and staff over the last decade and a half. 


Our dedicated donors have supported Shanti Village and the founder, Sabita Thapa and her dream - and truly you have empowered the school to keep running and the Board to fulfill the mission and vision. We started with a mission – now accomplished - to build a brick and mortar school in Sarjugani, Nepal. The road has been dusty, bumpy, and filled with roadblocks - literally like the roads in Nepal. We never dreamed of such success when the doors first opened in 2004. Back then, we had to phone the village shop to talk with Sabita and now we can talk with ease via WiFi and at no cost via WhatsApp. 


Our long-term plan has always been, once our mission was achieved, to slowly wean support. We have assisted with the completion of numerous projects, a three-story school building and a toilet facility. Our small organization has lasted longer than most, and the board has decided the time has come to disband Shanti Village (501c3 charity). We have known Sabita and the students for such a long time they are like family to us. Each of us plans to continue to support the school in our individual ways.  


We laughed when we thought whoever visited the school initially would become a Board member, as we never envisioned it to become a formal organization – but it did! History played out differently and we are ever more grateful for having had this wonderful, but challenging, opportunity to help serve the international community.


While the Shanti Village organization itself will cease to exist at the end of 2022, the legacy left behind and the Shanti School itself will not. In fact, we plan to archive the achievements and find more informal ways for individuals or organizations to continue to support the school. The lifelong relationship and support of Sabita and her dream will continue for many of us. 


This year will be one of transition. Any final donations you provide through Shanti Village will help to cement the legacy and provide an extra financial cushion of support for Sabita as she charts her future course.       


We welcome questions that you may have as you are like our family, too. We have seen students starting out their education singing “Three Blind Mice” and progressing all the way to graduating at a 100% rate every year. This is a rare achievement in Nepal and another tribute to Sabita and her staff for their dedication to the students. Not only does Sabita serve as principal of an excellent school, but also as a role model for Nepali women. We have always been and always will be inspired and humbled by her efforts.


Once again, we thank you for your dedication and support.


You have made a difference in the world!




The Shanti Village Board

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