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These volunteers have made significant contributions to Shanti Village over the years. Thank you!


 Honolulu, HI

 Joined in 2012

Visited the Shanti School in 2013. Plays a

big role in moving thing forward.

Inspired by people who commit their time and resources to helping others.


 Honolulu, HI

 Joined in 2012

Has keen insight into third world country politics and culture.

Her inspiration comes from her Mother's

experience throughout her life.

 HARRY ROSEDALE: Former Communications  Consultant

 Los Angeles, CA

 Joined in 2012

Visited the Shanti School in 2013. 

Specialist in Communications and social networking.

Worked endlessly to get Shanti Village up to the times.


Reno, NV

Joined in 2007

 Visited the Shanti School in 2007.

 Spent hours painting the walls of  the classrooms.

 Children are her inspiration.

 MICHAEL S: Cultural Consultant


 Joined in 2009

Visited the school in 2013.

Passport stamped with Indian and Nepali visas several times. Quiet observer of life with great cultural insight.

Inspired by Nature.

 Martha Gauthier: Education Consultant

 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

 Joined in 2012

Serves as an education consultant to 

Executive Director, providing creative ideas for 

integrating fun, engaging science activities 

using locally available resources. 


Tina Morin: Former Board Member

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

 Joined in 2004

SerKnown for her 'Canadian Chapatis" on our first visit to the Shanti School. They were heavy but yummy! She has had much wisdom to share over the years. 



 Honolulu, HI

 Joined in 2015

Joined the Shanti Village Team in 2015.

Has travelled extensively to many corners of the


Has provided great insights and knowledge.

 Randy Brown

 Chico, CA

 Joined in 2012

World Traveler. A former Board Member with great insight. Would like to see the students of Shanti School use their education to be able to provide for their community in the future. 

Natashas photo copy.jpg

Natasha : Shanti School Volunteer

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

 Joined in 2006

Was one of the pioneer volunteers at the Shanti School sharing her professional educational experience with the Shanti School teachers. 

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