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A Day at the School

Thank you for visiting this special page to see a day by day account of our ED's visit to the Shanti School. Click on each day's link as we highlight the school's history, day to day life, and of course try to catch up with some students and staff. Hope you enjoy all the successes over the years.

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Day One:

First day at the school. Check out this bird's eye view from the top of the Shanti School. We thought we would start first with a glimpse of the surrounding area around the school. More to come each day! Stay tuned.

Day Two:

We are celebrating the last day of Dashain by giving Tika and blessings to all. Also, A quick look at the Shanti School 3rd floor! Check in tomorrow for more...

P1060986 copy.jpg

Day Three:

We danced away celebrating the Goddess Lakshmi for Dashain and give thanks for our computer and library room! Thank you to our generous donors!

Day Four:

We explore the lower-level colorful classrooms!

178907_390911450946863_1454100466_n copy.jpg

Day Five:

We are so happy to be part of the LOOMA Project trial. A great educational tool! 

Looma Education - VillageTech Solutions

P1060986 copy.jpg

Day Six:

The Shanti School has a great school yard for shade, playing football and more...!


Day Seven:

Learning how to cultivate rice out in the paddies...


Day Eight:

Getting Wifi after years and the school's watering hole


Day Nine:

See how much Sabita gets done in a day! It's amazing!

7bd856a7-d895-4308-a14b-508124bfd3ce copy.jpg

Day Ten: It's a wrap!

Thank you to all who have made the Shanti School such a success! We cannot thank you enough!

DSCN6862 (2) copy.jpg

Day Eleven: A Tik Tok Send off from Shanti and Kim

A little fun, song and dance to say Namaste!

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