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"My experience at the Shanti School has been life changing in so many ways. To explain is quite difficult. Sabita and the Shanti School are a big part of a transformation of thoughts and beliefs." Kimberly Case, ED

About Sabita

About 15 years ago when Kimberly Case ED, first met Sabita, she was teaching at a school that was funded by a non-profit foreign organization. Sabita received a small salary and was given room and board by a local family. She said her goal was to help educate the poor children of Nepal. She hoped one day to open her own school.


Sabita stayed at this school for 7 years and eventually became the school's principal.

She was in charge of a bank account, paying salaries, dealing with all the governmental requirements for Nepali schools (and there are many), communicating with the organization's European CEO, hiring teachers, as well as, teaching at the school. 

She acquired many skills during this period.


The time came to follow her dream of building her own school in the southern Terai region of Nepal. She returned to her hometown of Sarjuganj and began her plans. We are honored to work with Sabita to make her dream of the present day Shanti School come true. 


Sabita's credentials are as follows:

  • 3-year bachelors degree

  • 16 years experience as a school teacher

  • 16 years experience as a school principal

  • Founder of Shanti School, 2004


Sabita's own words are the best way to gain insight into her dream and vision for the Shanti School. Needless to say, her vision goes beyond most:


"I built this school because when I was young, girls did not have chance to go to school. The girl must do all the work at the house. If a girl wanted to go to school, she had to hide and let no one know that she goes. When the school time was finished, she had to start her work. Time was very tight to do all. But I struggled and went and many, many problems easily I beared. This kind of situation gave me much knowledge for studying and strong courage to build this school. So I built this school mostly for the poor and the girls."


"In this area we have little technical knowledge so nobody can stand on their feet. They must always depend on other people. This means that life is very difficult. The schools future plans are to give a sound education from class one to class ten. May each of our students stand on their own feet and that way we can throw out 'depend' words."


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